Thursday, 27 October 2011

Design Tool of the Week

This week I can't help but share the love for my Digital SLR camera - the Canon EOS 10D. It's so useful for taking great portfolio photographs that show my work at its best and I'm really enjoying learning more about photography the more I practice.

Here is a peek inside my camera bag:

This is obviously missing my camera body and the lens I used to take this, which is just a standard zoom lens. 

Bag: Crumpler - Cupcake 5500 - has lovely squidgey inside pockets which can be rearranged with velcro to keep your camera and lenses safe. 

Two favourite lenses: Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 (A.K.A The Nifty Fifty) 
                                   Sigma EXDG 24mm 1:1.8 (my wide angle lens) 

Next week I'm going to be sharing some useful photography tips I have picked up in my photo taking journey so far, so keep a look out! 

x Rachel 

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