Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Retro Knitting Patterns

I set a goal for myself last week to make a real effort to learn how to knit properly. I have knitted a few things before (yes, mostly scarves) but I really want to learn more complex stitches and patterns. When I went home for the day a couple of weeks ago I gathered up as many supplies as I could from my mum and my nan, and as usual they had some absolute gems stashed away - like these retro knitting patterns! I can't wait to give the jumper a try.

x Rachel 


  1. oh lord please knit me a postman pat!

  2. I think there actually is one ready made in our loft somewhere that mum knitted when these patterns were un-retro!

  3. I love knitting too! I'm a bit rubbish but I'm trying to challenge myself at the moment- it's ground to a halt since my pattern asked me to split the wool over 4 DPN. i now have NOOOO idea what i'm doing!

    I'm glad the post made you feel better. i've read a few posts lately that have inspired me when i've been feeling not so great- there was a brilliant one about creative burn out on Bubby and Bean which Sarah ( blogged on sunday. fingers crossed you'll be feeling better soon! everyone i know who is trying to get work in the creative industries seems to be yoyo-ing in their emotions. it's such a hard time to find a job at the moment!

    i wondered as well if you wanted to swap buttons? it would be lovely to have yours on my blog



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