Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Christmas Happy List

I love the little details that start the festive excitement at this time of year. Here's a little list of happy christmassy things that are getting me through the long cold days at work this week!

1. Handmade Christmas Collages by Essimar - so pretty, makes me very excited to start making my Christmas Cards (pssst... my sewing machine will be getting involved!) 

2. Fun Wrapping Ideas - like this DIY from A Common Thread. I'm so in the mood for making some of these! 

3. Novelty Recipes - these little strawberry Santas just make me smile. 

4. Clever Decoration Ideas - this is the best idea for a wreath that I've seen in ages! 

5. Snuggling up, opening advent calendars and watching this with my lovely boyfriend - what a lucky girl! 

So there's my little gems of Christmas excitement! What about yours? 

x Rachel 

P.S... Come back on Friday for the first instalment of the 12 Handmades! 


  1. Those strawberry Santas are beyond cute ;3
    Love 'em.

  2. The handmade christmas collages are so cute! I'd also love to look at fun wrapping ideas but I am so bad at wrapping presents! xo

  3. The strawberry santas are just delightful!

  4. Such fun images! The strawberries are sooooo adorable! Your Portrait Giveaway

  5. the strawberry santas are darling! And I do love the photo wreath...


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