Saturday, 10 December 2011

The First Handmade of Christmas


Welcome to the first of my 12 Handmades of Christmas! Today I will be showing you how to make a sweet "Merry Christmas" garland made from slide mounts and  scrabble tiles. I'm really pleased with how this one turned out and hopefully you will be too :) 

1. You will need: Slide mounts (I got these ones for under £1 from Ebay, but you can easily just cut your own from a template in thin card), scrabble tiles, PVA glue, a needle and thread, wool, and lots of decoration materials like glitter and pretty paper.

2. The fun bit (well it's all fun really...) decorate your slide mounts! Cover them in glue and glitter, fabric, paper or whatever you choose to add a bit of christmas sparkle.

3. Make a support for the scrabble tile to sit on in the centre of your slide mounts. You can either cover the entire gap with more pretty fabric or card, or simply make a support as wide as the tile so it will appear to be floating in the middle... I've done a mixture of both because I like the way both techniques look together!

4. Glue your scrabble tiles in place with a strong glue like UHU, and if you like you could cover the whole thing in PVA to add a bit of extra strength so your garland will last for Christmasses to come!

5. Thread your finished pieces on to a length of wool so you can hang it up. I used a needle and red thread to attach the slide mounts on to the wool, but you could use glue or you could thread the wool straight through. I did it this way so the pieces would hang flat on the wall.

Ta-Daaa! As you can see I ran out of "M"s so I used a blank... but that's more true to scrabble right?

Hope you enjoy making your garlands, now go fetch the glitter!

x Rachel

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  1. this is amazing, it looks like something you'd see in Urban Outfitters for loads of money. :) xx


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