Monday, 19 December 2011

The Third Handmade of Christmas


I thought I'd share with you all something I did for handmade presents a couple of years ago which was really successful. It's my own take on the "hampers" or gift baskets you can buy in department stores with a nice little personal twist. Instead of buying the pre-packed hampers where the gifts are chosen for you, why not make your own and fill a gift basket with lovely handmade things? You can buy empty wicker baskets from charity shops (ask at the counter they often more of them in the back) and then all you need to do is choose what to put inside!

Some ideas are:

- Food: biscuits, fruit, handmade truffels or peppermint creams (one of my personal favourites, recipe to come very soon in one of the next handmades!)

- Handmade beauty products: natural body scrub, soap, hair or face masks.

- Pretty things: candles, incense, handmade jewellery etc.

- Stationary (this could be a really nice touch): a lovely pen, some personalised notecards, a few fun stamps, some ribbon, colourful ink pots - the list is endless!

When I made some of these personalised hampers up I put in a mixture of all these things depending on the person. Here are some great DIYs I have used in the past for little hamper fillers:

Homemade Body-Scrub

I only wish I had a little bit more time this year to do this again properly! But I am determined to pick it up again next year :) 

Happy Hampering everyone,

Rachel x

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