Tuesday, 10 January 2012

22 Before 23

I always really like reading about other bloggers goals for the year, because it gives a little personal insight and also you can follow their progress along with them! I think the "__ before__" format for goals is really clever and I've been wanting to finish my own for ages! So finally here is my finished "22 Before 23" list - and now you've seen it I can't get away with not doing these things ;) 

1. Read 20 books.
2. Open an Etsy Shop - really excited about this one!
3. Increase my readership - I have big plans for this blog and I want to share them with as many people as possible. Plus I am really enjoying meeting such lovely friends through blogging. 
4. Start accepting sponsors.
5. Get the hang of Twitter - I admit, I am still a little bit befuddled by Twitter... I know that is a very embarrassing thing to admit in the social media world... but I really want to start using it a lot more. 
6. Continue to improve my photography.
7. Get a table at my first craft fair - another one I'm very excited about!
8. Do at least one big set and costume design - I really really want to go out and do what I spent three years studying for! Obviously I hope for more than one, but at least one biggy and I'd be happy. 
9. Go to the theatre and exhibitions twice a month - it should be more than that really, but I'm shooting low so hopefully I beat this target!
10. Make a dress - something I never give myself time to do.
11. Learn to crochet.
12. Knit something other than a scarf.
13. Draw every day - this is very important but something I always neglect. 
14. Keep my desk tidy and use it more - I'm starting on this today, it is currently hidden under an explosion of craft materials. 
15. Pay of student overdraft - boring, but inevitably essential. 
16. Plan and schedule my blogging - I have a cute new calendar which I aim to put to good use!
17. LEARN TO COUNT - I missed this number off my list up there... but the real goal is... get an iPhone and start using instagram - counting down the days! 
18. Work on a film in the art department - I'd love to do this again.
19. Watch more good films - sometimes I worry that I get a bit out of touch with films.. any suggestions?
20. Have a go at some book art - one of my current obsessions. 
21. Style a photo shoot - have always loved the idea of designing for photography. 
22. Sort out all of my stuff at home and have a boot sale! I need to downsize the amount of stuff I own, because it is pretty silly. 

That's it, thanks for reading my little list. I love this time of year. What are your goals?

x Rachel 


  1. I've just written a list of 21 things to do before I turn 21, its really nice to sit down and think about what you actually want to achieve. Looks like you're going to be pretty busy this year! Good luck!

  2. I'm in the process of writing my own list :-) My first goal is opening my little Etsy shop this month. Hope you achieve all of your goals this year!

    Jem xXx


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