Monday, 23 January 2012

Design Tool of the Week

It's the return of another feature that has been out for a while... I've been neglecting my design tools recently, but now they are back with a vengeance! 

Indian ink got me through my degree... I love drawing with it because for some reason it makes me feel a bit less pressured to be perfectly accurate. I think it's a more "feeling-y" medium (yes that is a legitimate art word). Also you can use whatever you want to draw with so you get different effects - reed pen, paint brush, quill... I actually mostly use twigs from the garden because again it takes the pressure off being "neat". 

Here's one of my favourite costume drawings from a little while ago where I used indian ink and Photoshop together:

I've been doing a bit of ink drawing for fun lately too (kind of unheard of for me in recent years).... 

But more on that later because that's part of something bigger that I'm going to share later on in the week... Curious? Heehee, life is so exciting at the moment :) 

Happy Monday Everyone,

x Rachel 

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