Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Little Peeks

Here is a little snapshot of my day today - playing with my new blog scheduler, new ideas and of course this months Vogue. I am trying to start collecting Vogue every month so I have back issues to research from in the future... My only problem is that I am ADDICTED to cutting up magazines for collages/inspiration walls etc. So that will be a challenge to leave them untouched! Who else is a serial magazine ruiner?

x Rachel


  1. I do that! I have a subscription to National Geographic and it is SO hard not to cut them up - the pictures are so stunning!

  2. You make me want a subscription to Vogue!

  3. Actually, I just did it. Vogue thanks you for recruiting another subscriber!

  4. aww i'm a serial collector!! i always want to cut them up but then can't bear it because i go back to old issues



  5. I don't really cut out bits from magazines, mainly because I would lose half the things that I would cut out from them haha! The blog scheduler sounds like such a great idea. I sometimes jot down ideas into a notepad but to actually organise it like that is great - I need to get myself one of those! xo

  6. Ps - You're welcome with regards to the sunday link list, I thought your post was really inspiring and wanted to share it! It inspired me to use my camera more (and in a better way!) xo


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