Monday, 16 January 2012

My Week in Pictures

I've been doing pretty well at keeping up with my "photo a day" challenge so far... I've been taking some on my digital SLR, some on Jake's iPhone and some on my Blackberry - hence the extreme difference in quality (oh Blackberry, why is your camera so pointless?) - but I like to think it's part of their charm. Here's some of my favourites from last week.

Looking at them all together like that has made me realise that they all have quite a similar colour palette (umm... dark...), this week's challenge is to take more colourful photographs I think! Later on in the week I will be sharing my 5 best photography tips... but more on that later... 

x Rachel


  1. I really need to try this - I just find some days are so uninspiring to take pictures, especially if I spend all day revising! I love the last shot (:

  2. Looks like you had a full and non-boring week!


  3. lovely photos! I wish I had taken up the challenge too, but I didn't see it until it was a bit late and had already fallen behind!



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