Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Job Nails!

I hardly ever paint my nails anymore, but I started an exciting new job yesterday which I thought deserved celebratory sparkles!

 Here's how I did them, it's very easy! Use any colour for the base - I've used a couple of coats of Barry M in Coral. While the nail varnish is still tacky, sprinkle on some glitter or sequins... I like the effect of these oversized glitter pieces because they look like shiny polka dots. When the nails are dry, pop on a clear topcoat to keep the glitter in place.

Ta-daa! I think I might start painting my nails more often, it's quite fun :)

x Rachel


  1. Love the glitter idea! So pretty and feminine! Painting my nails is something that I've been indulging in's relaxing and keeps me from picking at my cuticles. Plus, it's super cute. :)

  2. Love it! I've been a nail biter for about 15 years (gross!) and this is gonna be THE year that I stop once and for all! You've inspired me, going to go paint mine right now!


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