Friday, 17 February 2012

Thinking of Spring...

The snow is starting to melt and I am getting that Spring feeling! It's London Fashion Week and S/S trends are popping up everywhere... Here are some that I wouldn't mind following:

- Pastels - in moderation, not all at once in the same outfit please! 
- Florals - As always! But I'm loving the new digitalised take on the classics.
- 1920s Flapper - any excuse for some quality vintage... 

And some I'm not too fussed with:

- Peplums. Sorry, just don't get them. 
- Sporty - not that I'm not excited for the Olympics - I just don't think I'll be wearing a leotard to work thank you. 

I made the collage above on Polyvore - a fashion bookmarking site that I am newly obsessed with. To see the garment details go here!

What does everyone else think of the S/S trends? 

x Rachel 


  1. I love the whimsy of the S/S 2012 lines! Pastels, florals, oddly-shaped seems that color and youthfulness are "in" this year. I'm hoping to rock some floral crop tops this summer a la 1996. :)

  2. definitely in agreement with ALL of the above- especially the preplums and sports wear- as you already know!


  3. I am loving florals at the moment. The heart jumper is fab too.

  4. I'm not interested in peplums or sportswear either, both seem quite unflattering on me! I love your picks though, especially the floral jeans and the yellow maxi skirt :) xx

  5. Your comment on the sporty trend made me laugh. I am definitely loving pastels at the moment, especially nail polishes.



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