Sunday, 4 March 2012

Art Journal Challenge #1

I have a confession to make... I hate drawing. Which is pretty silly considering that I'm a designer. Drawing and painting just fills me with such a perfectionist dread... I always feel like I've ruined a piece halfway through and that means that I never finish it, which makes me never want to start in the first place! Although there are so many other ways to make art, I'd really like to get over my fear of drawing and painting, so this is where my first art journal challenge comes in...

CHALLENGE #1: Create a whole page without using ANY typical art "tools". 

By this I mean no brushes, pens, pencils etc. For example, instead of a dip pen for indian ink use a twig from the garden... Instead of brushes revert back to childhood in a bit of finger painting! There is no "theme" for this challenge - so anything goes!

The aim of this challenge is to stop that feeling of preciousness when you're creating. It takes the pressure off making a perfect piece of art and opens up new possibilities! So get creative and look for tools in places you've never looked before! 

I will be sharing my attempt at this challenge on Friday, and I'd love to see what other people come up with too! If you do play along, please send in a picture or a link showing your work, it would be great to get a whole collection of them together and celebrate what we've achieved! 

Happy journalling,

x Rachel

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  1. that is a wonderful idea! If i have the chance I think I may try painting with different branches and sticks! Thanks for the inspiration!!


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