Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Happy List

Here are some little things that have been making me smile recently...

DIY// I love these dreamy cloud lights by Alexis Mire... *correction* mis-labeled as a DIY... There are a few tutorials on how to do this out there but none connected with the original image, and the artist herself has acknowledged the fire hazard! I still think the image is absolutely stunning though, so I have left it up with the corrected source links as inspiration rather than a direct "DIY". 

JEWELS// How sweet is this Cuckoo For You-oo Clock Necklace from Eclectic Eccentricity? 

FASHION// I love everything about the Magnolia Pearl runway show... Such a beautiful set design and collection! As photographed by Laura of Roots and Feathers and Violet Bella

BLOG POST// Now, I love every post on A Beautiful Mess... but Elsie's Tips for Pet Photography actually made my day. What an inspiring lady... and Dolly is so cute! 

ART// I am just blown away by the work of Takanori Aiba and his Bonsai Tree-Houses. Just ridiculously beautiful. 

I'm posting the result of my first Art Journal Challenge tomorrow! If anyone else has had a go at it drop me a link, or email me a picture and I'll share it here on the blog... I'd love to see your work! 

x Rachel 


  1. Inspiring post!

  2. Hi, the origial source for the lighted clouds is from alexis mire's Flickr Photostream from her "Cotton Series". Ironically she writes under the photo, "so, I almost set my house on fire for this"! The cloud light is a wonderful idea, and I'd love to make it, the problem being that no one really knows what it would look like using these instructions because no one ever gave proper attribution to her (well one site did and the other sites just used that site as their source).

    1. Thanks so much for pointing this out! That is my own fault for not noticing the sourcing under the image and assuming it was original... annoying because I'm usually very wary of that. And Alexis' comment under the photo about nearly setting her house on fire has made me chuckle, because I did wonder about the safety of all that cotton and lights! I guess LEDs would be fine... Ah well, perhaps they will have to remain a dream... xxx

  3. That bonsai tree is amazing! I'd love to try my hand at growing one myself - but I'm so impatient!

  4. your blog is incredible. you have such a great eye for things!


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