Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Adventures in Scotland

It's been a tiny bit quiet on Pointless Pretty Things this week... And that is because I am off adventuring in Scotland! We are staying in the most beautiful lighthouse on the west coast and having a lovely time enjoying the country and seaside. 

We first drove down the only road to the lighthouse in the spookiest fog I have ever seen - it was like we were in Sherlock Holmes! 

There it is! Home Sweet Home for the week... I never want to leave! 

Yesterday we walked along the coast to Portpatrick, the nearest little town. There were lots of exciting things along the way, and guess who was the only one to fall on her bottom! Oh noo.... 

I should probably stop uploading pictures now and save some for another time! I think I might have to just run away from London and stay here forever... 

x Rachel 


  1. These are so gorgeous! Looks like you had a lovely time. I haven't been to Scotland in years and after this, think a trip is in order! :)
    JS xx


  2. looks amazing! hope you have a fab time!



  3. Ohhh Rachel! This looks like heaven! In fact add in half a dozen books, oodles of teacups and some horses to ride and it would be my version of heaven. Love your pictures!

    Jem xXx

  4. These photos are fantastic! Ooh there's too many places to go and see!!



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