Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Art Journal Challenge - On Holiday!

On our lovely Scotland holiday, we set up a little art challenge. Our lighthouse had a lovely sunroom looking out to sea - the perfect painting room! 

The best thing about sharing an art challenge on holiday is that you get to see how everyone interprets the new surroundings differently. It was so fun to see all the paintings together at the end! Also other people sharing the challenge is the best motivator to get it done. 

This one is mine... I was quite pleased with it considering that painting landscapes is not usually my cup of tea! 

Does anyone else do this kind of thing on holiday? 

x Rachel 


  1. Must have been lovely to all sit down and just paint - so peaceful! And all of the paintings are amazing! My landscapes are terrible, they always look flat!

  2. Such a great idea! Scotland looks fab too.

  3. Wow so talented :) I loved reading this post and looking at your pictures they are amazing. Looks like the perfect place to sit and relax Xx

  4. aww lovely painting! Sounds like you had such a nice relaxing time!




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