Friday, 18 May 2012

DIY Chalkboard

I didn't realise how easy it was to make chalkboard paint until I made my own. There are a lot of different "recipes" out there... I just mixed normal acrylic paint in my chosen colour with a very cheap powdered interior filler. I didn't measure amounts and just guessed until the consistency seemed right, but as a rough guide use about half as much powder filler as paint. 

To make your chalkboard:

1. You will need: a piece of wood in your desired shape and size, acrylic paint, powdered interior filler or un-sanded grout, paper doilies, glue, chalk.

2. Mix your chalkboard paint (see above) and cover the wood in a couple of coats, making sure it dries evenly. 

3. When the paint is completely dry, use sand paper to even the surface. Then rub chalk over the whole board and wipe it off again - this primes your chalkboard.

4. Make a boarder using paper doilies in a variety of different sizes and glue them into place. You could give them a coat of PVA glue over the top to finish it off but I liked the effect without. 

I think next time if I were to make this again I would use a roller to paint the board rather than a paint brush, as you can see the brush has left a bit of a rough texture that couldn't quit be sanded away... But on the whole this was quite a fun little project. Let me know how it goes for you! 

x Rachel 

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  1. I had no idea you could make your own chalkboard paint and i shall certainly be giving this a go, thanks for the heads up x

  2. I had no idea you could do this either, it looks lovely, especially with the doilies! x

  3. I didn't realise it was basically just chalkboard paint either, it's pretty ingenius! I love the doilies on it too! xx

  4. I love your blog! It's so crafty and cute. Definitely want to try this DIY soon :)

    xo, Jenn

  5. I love chalkboards! I have lots of black chalkboard paint but I might mix up a colour one to try!

  6. Hi Rachel, You commented on my blog and I thought I would pop over. Thank you for you lovely comments! Your blog is so pretty and cute, I love your blog header and the fonts. I will definitely follow you. I love this diy too, I've also wanted to make one and I need one for my photo booth for my birthday! Thank you - Becky Xxx


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