Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Design Tool of the Week

Well hello there, long time no speak! It's finally got to that time - the week of Central's Summer Ball... The crunch time of almost 4 months work! Things have been pretty crazy around here, if any of you follow me on instagram (@rachelemmagood) you will have seen various picture updates of me being buried under tree branches and fabric and such like. But anyway, in the midst of busy designer beeing I thought I'd just share my love for the king of all materials...

Willow is a really cheap and versatile material and is a set designer's best friend. You can use it as a structural base for large scale sculptures or smaller decorations and it looks great as it is or covered in fabric (this is starting to sound like a sponsored post: I promise I am not in cahoots with a network of willow trees). 

It's often used to create puppets or large set pieces, but this time I'm weaving lots of branches together to make this spherical centrepieces:

They have been really fun to make (with only minimal shouting and frustration in the beginning) and I can't wait to see them hung up in the air and lit up with fairy lights! 

That's it for my geeky designer love, I'll be back in the world properly next week after it's all over! Wish me luck.... 

x Rachel 

Friday, 15 June 2012

DIY Stud Ballet Flats

I bought some little studs from eBay recently and they finally arrived! Here's what happened when I attacked my cheapy cheap ballet flats with them:

I got the idea from this post - I'm very pleased with them! Now for that denim shirt.... 

x Rachel 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

It's CHAOS around here

It's all been a bit quiet on the blog recently... That's not for lack of activity! The Summer Ball is just over two weeks away and our poor little flat has been taken over by branches, chicken wire and fraying fabric! It's the point of no return now, and hopefully everything can be pulled together in time. Until then, bare with me... I'll be back to more regular posting soon, hopefully with some cracking pictures to show for it! 

Must. Keep. Making. Things... zzzzz....

x Rachel 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Happy List

That tiny flash of Summer that we nearly had last week really got me in a festival-ish mood! It's a very busy time and all I want to do is go on holiday... Here's what is inspiring me to keep on trucking at the moment.

ART// Beautiful colourful illustrations by Souther Salazar

FASHION// I am in a maxi skirt mood at the moment... This outfit is perfect.  

JEWELS// I need this Moonchild necklace bNina Mantra in my life!

BLOG POST// Feng Shui decor ideas by Free People - that's how I want to live. 

DIY// Really great idea for a jersey skirt on This Fashion is Mine. This is one savvy girl!

Right that's all for now, time to go back to making paper flowers for The Ball... It's only 3 weeks to go now and things are getting BUSY. Hense the semi-silence here. It will be worth it - I promise! 

x Rachel 


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