Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Happy List

That tiny flash of Summer that we nearly had last week really got me in a festival-ish mood! It's a very busy time and all I want to do is go on holiday... Here's what is inspiring me to keep on trucking at the moment.

ART// Beautiful colourful illustrations by Souther Salazar

FASHION// I am in a maxi skirt mood at the moment... This outfit is perfect.  

JEWELS// I need this Moonchild necklace bNina Mantra in my life!

BLOG POST// Feng Shui decor ideas by Free People - that's how I want to live. 

DIY// Really great idea for a jersey skirt on This Fashion is Mine. This is one savvy girl!

Right that's all for now, time to go back to making paper flowers for The Ball... It's only 3 weeks to go now and things are getting BUSY. Hense the semi-silence here. It will be worth it - I promise! 

x Rachel 

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