Saturday, 25 August 2012

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

Just a few pictures of our lovely little day trip to the seaside with my grandparents... It's so nice to be having a bit of a relax before the big move next week! I also got to see my favourite girls - who I really don't see enough (hello girls if you are reading - Luisa and Lucy I think you might be!)

Hope everyone is enjoying their remaining summer days (although it rained all day today!) 

x Rachel 

Monday, 20 August 2012

Central's Summer Ball 2012

This post has been a long time coming but here it is... A collection of photos from Central's Summer Ball last month at The Old Vic Tunnels. I had so much fun working on the designs for this event and I'm happy (and relieved) to say that the night itself was a big success! Here's what it looked like:

The drinks reception - can you spot the willow balls?

The sparkly entrance tunnel turned out really well - definitely one of my favourite parts.

I'm glad we spent so many hours cutting strips of fabric and attaching those tiny little LED candles, the end result was so pretty! 

It's lucky we had lots of space to fill (and lots of drink to be drunk) so many people came!

I love how the fabric canopy looked under the lighting as it changed colour all night.

The tables in the drinks reception had tree centrepieces with these cute little birdies on! 

I work behind the bar at the Tunnels normally, so it was fun to design for a venue I know and love so well.

This has to be one of my favourite projects I've worked on so far. It was my first event design, and I've definitely got the bug. As much as I love designing for theatre, it was amazing to be able to work so freely with my own theme and just make things look pretty! 

I have to say a special thanks to all of the team that helped bring Central's Summer Ball to life - including Rendezvous Events who provided the fabulous entertainment. They also made this fun video (thanks guys!):

Looking back a month on like this makes me sad that it's all over, but hopefully this is just the beginning of my event designing adventures...

x Rachel

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Interior Motives

Exciting news of the week.... after much plodding around London estate agents; we found our little flat! It's a lovely newly refurbished one bedroom, completely unfurnished - a designers dream. 

So even though we are renting, can't redecorate and working on the tiniest of shoe-string budgets, Jake and I (with the help of our ever supportive families) are having so much fun collecting together second hand furniture and things to make the place home-y. 

Obviously I have been going Pinterest mad since we signed our contract, looking for interior inspirations:

// I love how this room is completely white and uses clothes as the colour accents! We are thinking of using a clothes rail rather than a wardrobe in our room... //

// Oh hello little sleeping foxy! Obviously I am thinking about buying more cushions, even though I already have about a hundred and keep making my own too - of course, why not?//

//Ever since I found out that you can buy an OLYMPIC GRASS RUG I have been obsessed. Yes it's true - take a peek at Remains of the Games where you can buy all sorts of left overs from the Olympics. The rugs are a bit pricey unfortunately, but this one from IKEA is a cheaper option! I love bringing the outside inside. // 

// The dream at the moment is to get a record player... With all my music being on my laptop now I miss the physical choice of putting an album on and listening to the whole thing. I'd love to start building up a record collection.// 

It's just under three weeks until we move now... Another exciting thing is that we currently live in North West London and are about to move East, so it's a new area to explore. 

Basically the crux of this post is... Yay. 

Is anyone else moving house soon? It always seems to be around this time of year...

x Rachel 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

New Home Wishes

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Photo Booth Fun

I have been a bit slow on the Summer Ball photos front... I have a lot of editing to get through which is very easy to put off when there is other work to be done! But I thought I'd share some of the pictures from the photo booth just to show the little styling details - it was one of my favourite parts of the event to design. 

Amy (with the blackboard) event managed the Ball and was my absolute saviour throughout the project!

Pssst.... doesn't Jake look lovely in his suit?

All photographs courtesy of Ian Good Photography.

The end result was actually completely different from my original design, but I think this backdrop was much more versatile and fun than my first idea. I only wish I made the paper flowers taller... here's the tutorial I used to make them - they're easier than they look! 

Obviously no photo booth is complete without props - we set up a fun fairytale themed selection, all held in the classic vintage suitcase with a black board sign (the oldies are sometimes the goodies). 

A big thanks to Ian Good Photography (AKA Dad and Sally) - they were rushed off their feet all night! 

If anyone has pictures of photo booths they have styled, send me a link! I'd love to see them. 

x Rachel 

Saturday, 4 August 2012

DIY Patchwork Flag

Who else is in absolute Olympic heaven? I was so lucky yesterday to be able to go to the weightlifting qualifiers... IN REAL LIFE! I'm so happy that I was able take the chance to go to an event while the games are on in my city. 

I know we all had a bit of a moan in the build up because of the prospect of a lot of transport disruption etc etc. But I haven't actually experienced any inconvenience yet and so far everything seems to be running really smoothly. Even outside the official parks, I am loving the atmosphere and seeing all of those pink and purple tops on the tube! It's just great, I love it.

Now, moving on from my over excitement... I wont pretend that I made this DIY especially for the Olympics, because it was actually a prop I made for this show. But now that we are done with it in the performances I am loving having my patchwork GB flag on display! 

You will need: large rectangle of calico or similar sturdy fabric, fabric scraps (I used old clothes), plain contrasting fabric for detailing, dark thread, preferably a sewing machine. 

1. Cut your base fabric to your preferred size and shape. I wanted my flag to be really big so I made the base about 1.5m wide. 

2. Draw out your flag design in pencil on your base. This gives you essential guidelines for later. 

3. Cut your scrap fabric using your guidelines to help you. I quite liked having rough edges and imperfections in my flag, but if you wanted to hem each section then leave seam allowance. Although I would advise to just leave the edges raw because it saves a lot of time and looks quite fun. 

4. Pin each section on to the base first so you can see how it will look. I left the cross strips until last and focused on the triangle sections first. When it is all pinned and you are happy with it, use a basic running stitch on your machine (or by hand) to sew everything in place. 

5. Trim off any excess thread or fabric and give it a good iron to finish off (I need to do this again as mine has been knocked about a bit). 

And you're done! This is a fun little project that only takes an evening in front of the telly and it's adaptable to any flag or anything you fancy really. I might try a quote next! 

How is everyone else enjoying the games? 

x Rachel 


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