Saturday, 4 August 2012

DIY Patchwork Flag

Who else is in absolute Olympic heaven? I was so lucky yesterday to be able to go to the weightlifting qualifiers... IN REAL LIFE! I'm so happy that I was able take the chance to go to an event while the games are on in my city. 

I know we all had a bit of a moan in the build up because of the prospect of a lot of transport disruption etc etc. But I haven't actually experienced any inconvenience yet and so far everything seems to be running really smoothly. Even outside the official parks, I am loving the atmosphere and seeing all of those pink and purple tops on the tube! It's just great, I love it.

Now, moving on from my over excitement... I wont pretend that I made this DIY especially for the Olympics, because it was actually a prop I made for this show. But now that we are done with it in the performances I am loving having my patchwork GB flag on display! 

You will need: large rectangle of calico or similar sturdy fabric, fabric scraps (I used old clothes), plain contrasting fabric for detailing, dark thread, preferably a sewing machine. 

1. Cut your base fabric to your preferred size and shape. I wanted my flag to be really big so I made the base about 1.5m wide. 

2. Draw out your flag design in pencil on your base. This gives you essential guidelines for later. 

3. Cut your scrap fabric using your guidelines to help you. I quite liked having rough edges and imperfections in my flag, but if you wanted to hem each section then leave seam allowance. Although I would advise to just leave the edges raw because it saves a lot of time and looks quite fun. 

4. Pin each section on to the base first so you can see how it will look. I left the cross strips until last and focused on the triangle sections first. When it is all pinned and you are happy with it, use a basic running stitch on your machine (or by hand) to sew everything in place. 

5. Trim off any excess thread or fabric and give it a good iron to finish off (I need to do this again as mine has been knocked about a bit). 

And you're done! This is a fun little project that only takes an evening in front of the telly and it's adaptable to any flag or anything you fancy really. I might try a quote next! 

How is everyone else enjoying the games? 

x Rachel 

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