Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Interior Motives

Exciting news of the week.... after much plodding around London estate agents; we found our little flat! It's a lovely newly refurbished one bedroom, completely unfurnished - a designers dream. 

So even though we are renting, can't redecorate and working on the tiniest of shoe-string budgets, Jake and I (with the help of our ever supportive families) are having so much fun collecting together second hand furniture and things to make the place home-y. 

Obviously I have been going Pinterest mad since we signed our contract, looking for interior inspirations:

// I love how this room is completely white and uses clothes as the colour accents! We are thinking of using a clothes rail rather than a wardrobe in our room... //

// Oh hello little sleeping foxy! Obviously I am thinking about buying more cushions, even though I already have about a hundred and keep making my own too - of course, why not?//

//Ever since I found out that you can buy an OLYMPIC GRASS RUG I have been obsessed. Yes it's true - take a peek at Remains of the Games where you can buy all sorts of left overs from the Olympics. The rugs are a bit pricey unfortunately, but this one from IKEA is a cheaper option! I love bringing the outside inside. // 

// The dream at the moment is to get a record player... With all my music being on my laptop now I miss the physical choice of putting an album on and listening to the whole thing. I'd love to start building up a record collection.// 

It's just under three weeks until we move now... Another exciting thing is that we currently live in North West London and are about to move East, so it's a new area to explore. 

Basically the crux of this post is... Yay. 

Is anyone else moving house soon? It always seems to be around this time of year...

x Rachel 


  1. Love all the green in the third picture! It looks like a relaxing place to sit and have a nice conversation!

  2. such a beautiful Interior,love this page,and me too searching Home Decore Stuff for my Home.......


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