Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lately on Instagram

As you can probably guess from my blog silence and these photos; we moved house this week! We are still in the horrible cleaning-the-old-flat saga, so I'm looking forward to feeling like we have *really* moved into our new place. 

1// Our new IKEA Hampen rug, that looks like a lawn in our living room! 

2// Happy faces when we collected the keys.

3// The tea station was the first area to be set up - obviously.

4// While we were still at "home-home" we held a boot-sale... So fun!

5// Taking down our wall decorations from our old room... 

6// A trip to IKEA for the storage (and plant) essentials. 

7// Bazil giving me his "where have you been?" stare.

8// An oldy from our trip to the Olympics! 

9// England vs South Africa at the ROSE Bowl. 

I'm looking forward to being a bit more settled soon. I'll definitely be sharing some before and after shots when we get the flat looking ship shape :) 

x Rachel 

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