Friday, 26 October 2012

DIY Bow Belt

I'm off to a wedding tomorrow (very excited!) and I was having a bit of trouble matching my dress and my accessories. I found a little black bow in my craft supplies and knew I wanted to incorporate it somehow... So I made a belt! Here's how...

You will need: An old belt or a piece of ribbon or sash, a bow (you could make one out of scrap fabric) and a pretty button of your choice.

1// Grab your bow (or make one) and hand stitch it on to the middle of your ribbon/belt/sash. If you are not a sewer or if you are working with a tough material like leather, you could always use a glue gun. 

2// Stitch your pretty button to the centre of the bow (again with a glue gun if you want to be a bit speedier). 

3// Wear your new belt with pride! 

I know this is a very simple DIY that in hindsight probably didn't really need step by step instructions... But it's quite fun and I like it. I hope you will too! 

x Rachel 

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