Wednesday, 10 October 2012

DIY Feather and Lavender Garland

I found these feathers and dried lavender sprigs at my new favourite craft shop last week and made this autumnal garland with them to hang over our bed. It's really easy and therapeutic to make... I love lavender!  

You will need: a few bunches of dried lavender or herb of your choice (rosemary could be nice!), craft feathers, indian ink, wool or string. 

1. I dip-dyed my feathers in indian ink to create an ombre effect. Use a paintbrush to help gradient the ink. 

2. Arrange your feathers and lavender bunches in the order that you want them. 

3. Work out the spacing of each aspect and then tie them on to the wool. I cheated and used a little bit of UHU glue in the knots to keep everything in place :) 

4. Hang up your garland and feel chuffed with yourself! 

Let me know if you've made any autumnal decorations, I'd love to see them! Leave a link in the comments bar. 

x Rachel 


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