Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Weekly Art: Regine Ramseier

"The puffy flowers’ sky leans from the door to the window and it seems, as if the flowers were carried out from the room, towards the light and the day. But quietly they hang in the room and they endure. Held in my memory. They will not return. But the golden meadows, that I know, the puffy flowers, they will be back next spring."

I love this installation by German artist Regine Ramseier - 2,000 Suspended Dandelions. Not only is this a beautiful and delicate piece of work as an end result, the work that went into transporting and suspending the fragile puffs without damaging them is amazing! Read more about the process here

//This is a new weekly feature I'm trying out on the blog. If anyone has any of their own art they would like to share, or can point me in the direction of an artist you think I'd like, drop me a comment! //

x Rachel 


  1. OH my! How amazing! I'm definitely reading the link.

  2. Hi Rachel! I love your blog so I´ve decided to give you an award. Just look at my blog http://mimemeces.blogspot.com.es/2012/10/and-liebster-goes-to.html#!/2012/10/and-liebster-goes-to.html
    You just have to post the award in your blog and link it with mine and with your five nominated. Congratulations and kisses from Spain!
    PD: You can translate my blog clicking on the black line on the right side of the screen. I hope you like it!


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