Monday, 5 November 2012

22 Before 23... Revisited

It's my birthday tomorrow (hooray!) - so it's time to see how I got on with my 22 before 23 goals list... Click here to see the original post. 

1. Read 20 books - not quite... maybe this time!
2. Open an Etsy Shop - coming soon....
3. Increase my readership - I've met so many lovely people this year through the blog!
4. Start accepting sponsors - Interested in a free ad-swap? Go here.
5. Get the hang of Twitter - find me @rachelemmagood
6. Continue to improve my photography - I shared some top tips here.
7. Get a table at my first craft fair - more to come later in the month! So excited!
8. Do at least one big set and costume design - I'm pretty happy with the work I've done so far this year. If you want to have a peek at my design portfolio go here.
9. Go to the theatre and exhibitions twice a month - hmmm maybe I managed once a month... I didn't really keep track!
10. Make a dress - still haven't given myself the time to do this! But I'm determined.
11. Learn to crochet - see here.
12. Knit something other than a scarf - no... but I did knit another scarf! I know....
13. Draw every day - still not quite, but I have definitely improved my confidence!
14. Keep my desk tidy and use it more - well now I don't have a desk anymore, so no.
15. Pay off student overdraft
16. Plan and schedule my blogging - I guest posted about this on Hannah's blog.
17. Get an iPhone and start using instagram - @rachelemmagood :)
18. Work on a film in the art department - I couldn't squeeze it in this year!
19. Watch more good films
20. Have a go at some book art - I'm planning some for a very exciting project...
21. Style a photo shoot - here and here.
22. Sort out all of my stuff at home and have a boot sale

Phew, I'm actually quite proud of my efforts... especially as I didn't actually write the list until a couple of months after my birthday last year. Now to start writing my 23 before 24 list. Does anyone else do this? It's really satisfying I have to say - but that is just the list-lover in me. 

x Rachel 


  1. Awesome job accomplishing so much :)

  2. Happy birthday!! I need to make one of these lists! Hope you have a great day lady :) xx


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