Friday, 9 November 2012

23 Before 24

1// Fully support myself financially with my design work - no more "pay the bills" jobs.
2// Stay healthy - eat well. 
3// Keep up yoga and improve my flexibility.
4// Learn to LOVE drawing... I'm nearly there. 
5// Launch my Etsy shop. 
6// Bake lots of bread at home.
7// Make a dress (I mean it this time).
8// Get our prop hire commune plan in motion...
9// Take the blog to the NEXT level.
10// Sell at a craft fair or two.
11// Crochet a granny square blanket.
12// Find my "niche".
13// Go to festivals with a show.
14// Set up a Pointless Pretty Things Facebook page - and use it for promotion.
15// Start our record collection.
16// Learn how to use google analytics.
17// Work through my list of business books.
18// Improve my cooking skills.
19// Pick up the photo-a-day challenge again in the new year.
20// Take more "memory" photos as well as creative/work shots.
21// Learn to use IdeasTap properly.
22// Become more efficient with my time.
23// Plan and schedule my blogging properly and consistently.

Ambitious but do-able I think! Has anyone else blogged their goals? Leave a link below, I'd love to see!

x Rachel 


  1. I placed mine on my side bar and intend to link back to a blog post every time I accomplish one!

    I love your goals! They're something I'd eventually want to learn how to do as well (:

  2. aww I really want to do one of these posts now! :) You've inspired me to think about what I want to achieve next year!



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