Sunday, 4 November 2012

Lately on Instagram...

1// The office (a.k.a my kitchen table). 
2//Rainy sunday morning, very glad to be inside today! 
3// My sewing machine was poorly so I gave her a little make-over. 
4// Our outfits for Longplay - can you guess the theme? More on that later... 
5// Gloomy London... my view from the tube station. 
6// Pancakes and tea.
7// Day of the Dead party at work the other night. I do like my job! 
8// A very autumnal walk in Leeds Castle grounds. 
9// New hair!

One of my favourite things about instagram is how you can see the general colours of the pictures changing with the seasons. Like little insta-leaves...? 

Happy November (my favourite month!) 

x Rachel 


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