Wednesday, 5 December 2012

DIY Christmas Lantern

My Mum (the queen of recycling) has been making these pretty Christmas lanterns out of tin cans, so I asked her to show us how to do it! The result is a really easy and satisfying project that costs next to nothing to make. 

You will need: an empty and washed out can, sand paper, tea light candle, gold spray paint, stanley knife, ruler, masking tape. 

1// Use a ruler and masking tape to mark out the can. Leave about 3cm at the top and bottom and about 2.5cm between each mark (or slight variations of this to get each segment even around the can). 

2// Using the ruler as a guide, score straight lines along the can according to the marks - you don't need to cut all the way through the can - just through the surface. 

3// This part takes a bit of time. Gently press down on the top so the can snaps along the score lines. 

4// Bend each section until your lantern takes it's even shape. Be careful with the edges as they will be very sharp - you could sand them down a little with light sandpaper. 

5// Spray your lantern with a couple of coats of gold spray paint. Or any colour you like - maybe a festive red? 

6// Pop a tea light in the bottom of the can and light your lantern! You could also add some wire at the top to hang it up - it would look nice out in the garden - just don't leave it out in the rain ;)

Another thing to remember is that the can - being metal - obviously can get quite hot while lit... So no touching! 

Hope you enjoy this little Christmas project, I can't wait to make mine. Thanks Mum!

x Rachel 


  1. Hi, this is a very cool DIY as one can make use of all empty beer cans wch v consume in this festive seasons.

  2. Super cool little DIY, I love getting crafty but even more so when making something from nothing - recycling is the best sort of making :-)

    Jem xXx

    P.S There is a little giveaway on my blog you might like to enter

  3. that is amazing, the can is totally transformed! What a cute DIY :) XX

  4. Wow this is really cool, I'd love to try this sometime. Your Mom must have amazing craft skills.

    1. Thanks Bekuh! She does :) and she will be very pleased to read that haha! xx

  5. that's amazing!


  6. use a battery operated t light, no worries of it getting hot

  7. wow ! what a beautiful lantern .. thanks


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