Saturday, 15 December 2012

London Living: The Museum of Curiosity

Calling all fans of the macabre, this exhibition is for you! The Museum of Curiosity is an exhibition by Black Rat Projects in the Pertwee, Anderson and Gold gallery in Soho, showcasing a mysterious collection of oddities including preserved insects, glass eyes, taxidermy and strange portraits. I went along with some friends the other day, it's a great experience if you're in the area and it's free! 

The format is a far cry from the usual large open spaced white galleries and is inspired by the Wunderkammern of renaissance Europe, where the wealthy displayed odds and ends from their travels around the world as a dark microcosm of natural history. 

My favourites were the cheeky portraits by Butch Anthony and Tessa Farmer's insect installations - which are so disturbing but amazingly intricate. The collector Mike Snelle has definitely achieved his mission "to fuel curiousity in those who have it, and to reignite it in those unfortunate to have forgotten they ever did”

All in all, it's definitely worth a look because if nothing else, in the words of the curator: "weird shit is just cool!"

Has anyone else been? What did you think?

The Museum of Curiosity 
Pertwee, Anderson and Gold Gallery
15 Bateman Street, Soho
Free entry

On until 1st January 2013


  1. Reminds me of that museum (in Bodmin I think) we went to with the stuffed cats, freaky.

  2. Um, this looks COMPLETELY amazing!


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