Wednesday, 23 January 2013

365 Photo Challenge

I tried to complete a Photo a Day project last year, but gave up around April. I enjoyed taking the photos, but the uploading and sharing bit seemed like a bit of a chore. So this year I'm trying something slightly different... 

Is anyone else taking part in Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day Challenge? I'm loving it so far... the daily prompts and instagram format is a great source of motivation that I'm hoping will keep me on track. 

I'll be sharing a little selection of my favourites each month, why don't you join me? If you are taking part in the challenge (or your own) and have blogged your pictures, leave me a link in the comments! I'd love to see them :) 

x Rachel 


  1. Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for your comment :) Your instagram pictures are lovely, I've just followed you! Your lemon and blueberry cake looks so yummy! xx

  2. Hi!

    I did it all of last year, and really enjoyed it! (don't get me wrong, there were days I REALLY hated it too!)

    I didn't think I wanted to do it again this year, but after not participating for January, I find I'm missing it, so think I'll be jumping back on the band wagon in February!

    Can't wait to follow your journey in pictures, hope you can follow mine too! I'm @snappystreet on Instagram!


  3. I did do it for 2 months, and I loved it! I love a challenge, but I know I will fall short....I just can't take my photo/camera everywhere with me that I go! -Jessica L


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