Monday, 14 January 2013

Plan Your Blog Year - Free Printable

After a short break while I had a show on I'm back to blogging with a vengeance! This year I'm determined to become more organised with my posts and try and build on my scheduling system. So to start me off I made a Blog Year Planner... 

I know this sounds a bit geeky and a lot of work, but I definitely don't mean that I've planned out a full year of posts in advance. I just made little goals for each month and set out general themes for my posts so I can see an overview of the year and strategise the growth of my blog. Kind of like a bloggy-business plan if you like. 

I feel great having done this bit of planning, so I thought I'd share my planner as a free printable for anyone who would like to make their own! Here is how to use it:

>>> In the Readership column I set goals for how many followers I would like to reach by the end of each month across all social media outlets (twitter, GFC, Bloglovin', Pinterest etc.)

>>> In Posts you could outline a general theme for the month, or if there are any stand out features that take planning then you could pencil them in. 

>>> Outreach covers any strategies you will put in place for blog growth. For example I have set this months outreach focus on Facebook as I am yet to make a page for my blog, but this could also cover collaborations with other blogs etc. 


To download your free printable Blog Planner follow this link:

x Rachel 

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