Thursday, 21 February 2013

365 Photos

Here's a little selection of my favourite photos from February. Still loving the FMS Photo a Day challenge, despite falling off the wagon a few times. Is anyone else still going strong? Leave me a link or follow along on instagram (find me @rachelemmagood). 

x Rachel 


  1. Still going strong! This is the second year I've done it :)


  2. Nice pictures, I'm trying to fill 4 sketchbooks with a drawing a day, it isn't easy. Nice to hear it's not just me that falls off the wagon! Was wondering - do you find yourself struggling for subject matter? is it tempting to photograph the same old things? Sorry for questions, don't answer them if you don't want to, I'm just curious, as an amateur photographer is all! Thanks for posting :-)

    1. Wow a drawing a day is ambitious! I struggle with one a week haha :)

      As for subject matter, that's why I'm loving this particular photo challenge as there is a prompt for every day! It's quite fun and helps me break away from just taking photos of the same thing all the time..

      Good luck with your drawings! I hope you'll be sharing some on your blog! xx

  3. Amazing pics!!! I have to try to make something similar! A little project per day!



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