Friday, 1 February 2013

DIY Dreamcatcher: Two Ways

I've always loved dreamcatchers and I've fancied making my own for a while. There are lots of great tutorials on the internet, and I've mixed a few different methods here to make two versions. They are so easy and relaxing to make, and only take an hour or so! 

1// You will need: A variety of wool, embroidery thread and ribbons, a plastic hoop (from any craft outlet), some decorative beads, buttons and feathers or leaves etc. Pretty things basically. 

2// Wrap your chosen wool/cord/ribbon tightly all the way around the hoop, leaving no gaps. 

3// Use a sturdy string or thread to tie a pattern around your hoop. There is no exact science to this, just keep tying knots around the circle moving further into the middle as you go. This works best if you keep the thread as tight as possible (using a less stretchy material makes this easier). 

4// Thread some decorations into the string pattern as you work. I used pearl beads and some little buttons. Keep knotting the string until you reach the centre. 

5// Attach a ribbon to the bottom of the hoop. You could tie a few different ones on or use lace, scraps of fabric or lengths of finger-knitting (see below). 

6// Glue or sew craft leaves, feathers or beads on to the lengths of ribbon. Add more as necessary. 

I love this project because there are an infinite number of ways you can customise it and make your dreamcatcher completely personal! I think I like my white version better, what do you think? 

And if you are looking for more inspiration, here are a few of my favourite examples of dreamcatchers other bloggers have made:

Crafting with Doilies from A Beautiful Mess (of course).

Lune Vintage - so gorgeous.

This Fashion is Mine - I love the leather cord look! 

Boat People Vintage - 3 ways... This video is just beautiful. 

Oh no, I think I'm addicted. Our flat is going to be full of them! Sorry Jake.... 

x Rachel 


  1. aww these are adorable! Looks like such a nice easy project :)

    Hannah xx

  2. these are lovely!i'll have to make one too i think.. annie x

  3. Love the dreamcatchers! I'm so going to make one! Super easy but super effective! Thanks for sharing! Super blog - may just have fallen in blog love! ;D X

  4. Thanks for sharing this diy! They look beautfiful!


  5. Thanks so much for sharing! I love dreamcatchers and this DIY seems easy enough!

  6. this is awesome! Can't wait to make one! Thanks for sharing x


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