Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Love Your Work: Ladybird Likes

It's the last in this series of Love Your Work, and we are going out with a bang! Today, the lovely Zoe is here to tell us all about her shop Ladybird Likes and the highs and lows of running your own creative business...

Could you explain your work to us?
I started Ladybird Likes almost exactly a year ago - I design and make a range of vintage inspired jewellery and paper goods featuring owls, cats, butterflies, moustaches, and everything in between! 

How did you get started? 
I have always made jewellery, and it's been my dream to have my own jewellery business for many years now. I started Ladybird Likes to earn a bit of extra money whilst I was working after university, and it has just grown from there. 

Best thing about running your own creative business?
The best part is definitely feeling like you have achieved something. I run Ladybird Likes almost entirely on my own, so every item that is designed and made, every photograph, every packaged order, it makes me feel really good because I know that I did that!

What's the hardest part?
Getting and staying motivated! When it's really busy and you have strict deadlines to work to (like at Christmas) it's easy to keep going because you know you HAVE to get these orders posted by a certain date. But when it's 'quieter' and you are the only one in charge of setting deadlines for certain jobs, it can be hard to stick to them, and I often find myself putting jobs off because I can't be bothered or don't feel like doing them.

Where do you work best?
I have a studio at home which is amazing, because it means I can spread out, work away, and be kind of shut off from what's going on in the rest of the home. If I worked in the kitchen or in my bedroom I think I would be constantly distracted! I find I get in the zone more if I have some sort of background noise, so I watch a lot of TV series (currently watching Lost) and listen to the radio too.

What's the first thing you do when you start a new project?
I'm currently designing the new ranges for 2013 (yes, I am very behind I know!) To start with I gather up lots of inspiration, from magazines, and from online sources, and make myself mood-boards. Then I draw really rough sketches of my ideas and try to think about any issues that might arise, or any details I need to work out, such as placement of holes, any extra materials needed, what size/style jewellery findings they will need. I try and talk through my ideas with some friends and family members to get their opinions. Then I will redraw the final designs and send to the laser cutters to get samples made.

What inspires you?
Everything - it sounds like such a cop out answer, but it's true! I was walking through Leicester Square the other week, and saw a sign with great typography, and had to take a picture and make a rough sketch, as I thought it would be a great font for my logo! inspiration is literally all around us - I always have my camera and notebook with my to snap a quick photo of a colour combo I love, or to scribble down notes about a piece of jewellery I've seen someone walk past wearing. 

Your best piece of advice?
My favourite quote ever is from a print by Antony Burrill - 'work hard and be nice to people.' what more could you possibly do?

Thanks so much Zoe! Isn't she talented? I am officially in love with those little moon collar clips and the typewriter key necklaces. If you'd like to see more of Zoe I highly recommend giving her blog a visit for more loveliness. Hooray for the small biz! 


  1. Adore Ladybird Likes, I was given a brooch for Christmas and it has been on my jacket lapel ever since! :-)

    Jem xox

  2. Oh my!! So many awesome things! Thanks for sharing!


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