Friday, 8 March 2013

Weekly Art: Alan Sailer

Look at this amazing high speed photography by Alan Sailer! I think what I love most about the work is the thought of all the experimentation that must have gone into each image. I mean, what's the best way to explode a frozen strawberry? Somebody must have been left with a very messy studio! 

Have a look at the whole series here. What a genius. 

x Rachel 


  1. Wow these are amazing!
    - Charlotte
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  2. These are incredible! I saw a whole gallery of high speed photography and the Photography Gallery a few years ago. One of them was a bullet hitting a balloon - crazy!
    Vic @ Frankly Vic

  3. These are amazing! Thanks for your comment, your banner is really pretty too!

  4. That's awesome!

  5. OMG!!!! how incredible! These are seriously amazing!


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