Saturday, 20 April 2013


Well this is exciting, my very first blog sale! I'm starting off fairly slowly with a few preloved and vintage pieces - just in time for some sunnier weather. Everything is in good vintage condition, ie. it is used but has little show of wear and tear. Sizes are shown in brackets next to the item - although most are size 10/12. I'm also offering FREE domestic shipping (please email to check international shipping prices). 

1// Classic L.B.D - H&M - (8-10) : £12
2// Vintage Floral Dress (10): £10
3// 1970s Wrap Skirt (can adjust to fit any size): £6

4// Topshop Crop Cardi (10) : £6         
5// Topshop Blouse (10-12 - ties at the waist) : £8          
6// Vintage Shift Dress (10) : £10

7// Vintage Pink Dress (10 -12) : £8         
8// Vintage Crop-Top (8-10) : £4         
9// Vintage Tea Dress (8-10) : £12

10// Vintage Red Floral Dress (10-12) : £8        
11/ Warehouse Dress (10) : £10        
12// 1960s Green Mini Dress (10) : £8

How it Works

>>> First come, first served! Once an item is struck through  it has been sold. 

>>> Leave a comment below stating the item you would like to reserve and your email address. 

>>> Shipping is FREE to UK readers (drop me an email at if you are international and I will work out your shipping price).

>>> Once you have successfully reserved your item I will email you payment details. Payments will be processed by PayPal. 

>>> Failure to pay in the time arranged will result in the item going back up for sale!

Happy Shopping :) 

x Rachel 


  1. hey this is a good idea. too bad none of your clothes would fit me haha

    1. hehe a lot of them don't fit me anymore either, so I thought it was time to let them go...


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