Tuesday, 9 April 2013

DIY Earring Frame

I can't take the credit for this DIY... It's another one of Mum's clever projects! She has let me share it with all of you though :) It's a really simple and stylish frame to display earrings. There are lots of different versions of these floating about on Pinterest too if you are feeling inspired!

You will need: A photo frame (any size you like), some mesh - this rubber stuff comes in a roll from Ikea and works really well, backing paper. 

1// Measure and cut a piece of mesh and backing paper to the size of your frame.

2// Dismantle the frame and discard the plastic/glass front - you won't need it! 

3// Stretch the mesh inside the frame on top of the backing paper. 

4// Reassemble the frame and use the holes in the mesh to hold your earrings. Place where everyone can see and admire your clever handiwork. 

And that's it! Thanks Mum - isn't she clever? 

x Rachel 


  1. Aww what a lovely idea! You have a clever mother :)


  2. I love this idea, such a good way of storing your jewellery and also making a feature of it. I'e been looking for a way to keep my earrings for ages, will definitely try this out!

    Emma x


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