Tuesday, 16 April 2013

DIY Flying Pigs

My first ever DIY post on the blog was this Little Paper Bird Mobile - and it's actually still my most popular post to date! Sadly all of my paper birds got lost when I was moving house (I was definitely more than a bit sad!) so I decided to make some more paper friends... 

How to Make a Flying Pig Mobile

You will need: Some light-weight card, pretty paper, white craft foam, glue, needle and thread. 

1// Draw the outline of a pig on to your cardboard (you could use an image from the internet to trace or just draw your own).

2// Cut the pig shape out and use it as a template to draw out the shape again on to decorative paper. Glue the pretty paper to both sides of the cardboard. 

3// Make another template for some wings and cut them out of white craft foam. 

4// Glue the wings on to the pigs body and bend them back on themselves to give them a bit of shape. 

5// Attach a length of thread to your pig so it can fly! Repeat for as many piggies as you would like for your mobile. 

Aren't they sweet? I think I want to try dinosaurs next! 

x Rachel 


  1. How cute! I think I like flying pigs better--birds are so expected :)

  2. Ooooh! I love it! Hopefuly I can find the time to make some... they'd be adorable in my daughter's window... and I love the flowered one! Just in time for spring!


  3. what an amazing idea! I have a baby on the way and this is a really good project! I might even try and find some little mirrored mosaic tiles to add some extra shiny/lightness!

    I'm also going to link to this post from my next 'compendium' post, if you don't mind?!

    1. I'd love that, thanks! and extra shiny-ness is always good ;) xxx

  4. Divinos!!! Gracias por el tutorial!


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