Monday, 15 April 2013

Passionfruit Ads

I've been thinking of moving my advertising scheme over on to Passionfruit Ads for ages now and today I finally took the plunge. So far I am very impressed! It couldn't have been easier to set up and the maintaining of ads seems to be really straight-forward. 

My advertising packages have changed slightly in that I can now offer 4 exclusive Large slots which will take prime position at the top of the sidebar. Large sponsors gain maximum exposure through a dedicated blog post, tweets and the option to host a giveaway and/or guest post! 

I am also still running small Ad-Swaps free of charge! So if you fancy sharing some blog love, just pop over to my Ad-Swap info page and use the promo code ADSWAP to get the slot for free (don't forget to grab one of my buttons and return the favour). 

Thanks for reading and for your continued support of this little blog, 

x Rachel 


  1. I've been thinking about moving mine over to Passionfruit also and am definitely considering even more now that it was so easy for you.

  2. I love Passionfruit! Yup, ads are now so easy to maintain. :)

  3. Hi! First thing tomorrow morning I'm going to set up an ad swap with ya! Can't wait! I'm currently on my iPad so it's not working like I would hope...
    See ya tomorrow!

    Jess @


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