Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A Beautiful Mess App Review

This is probably quite predictable... but I am loving the ABM photo editing app! I was really excited to hear about it's release and was certainly not disappointed when I started using all the pretty features.

What I love about the app:

- Cute doodles, borders and fonts.

- Very simple and satisfying user interface.

- Typical "Elsie" style phrases and handwriting.

- Easy sharing options - uploading to instagram couldn't be simpler!

I'm not so fond of:

- The saved image quality is not great...

- Not being able to switch between editing elements - meaning you can't fix mistakes.

I've seen a lot of reviews complaining about having to purchase upgrades within the app. I'm sort of on the fence about that, because yes I would rather just pay once, but I don't think the upgrades are actually that expensive. I haven't purchased any yet, as I have had plenty of fun with the original pack anyway! I'm also a big believer in charging things at the value they are worth. A lot of hard work went into that app, why shouldn't they charge an extra 69p for it?

All in all, it's a really sweet app - those girls have done it again! 

x Rachel 


  1. I'm loving the app as well!

    I agree, there are definitely improvements to be made, but I've bought a couple of the extra graphics packs and I'm loving it for the odd decoration here and there :)

  2. I love this app! Now every photo I ever take will be scattered with hearts and cute words, what more could you need! :)

    Lyndsay xx

  3. I love it as well! And as much as people complain about paying for extras, they wouldn't like to pay more for the app and not even use all of the features, so this way you can tailor it to how you want to use it. And I agree, 69p for a little bit extra when it costs loads to make an app isn't unreasonable. I love the pics you've created with it.

  4. I completely agree with you with regards to the comments on people complaining about the cost of upgrades. An incredible amount of work and most likely investment went into getting it up & running.. credit to the two girls with business minds who thought of the idea!

  5. I love the app and all the options its gives you are adorable...I just wish it hadn't been so "typically elsie" we've all seen her doodles a gazillion times. I feel like we're just becoming clones of her by using the app for everything. I LOVE the idea of it and props to them for doing it and being so talented, I just wish I had seen all of the features before already on their blog and instagram ya know? For people who don't follow her blog and download the app its definitely awesome and something new!

    that being said I will still use it all the time! i do love it!

    1. I know what you mean, when you look at the hashtag it is hard to tell the difference between all the photos! I think it's great fun, but I think you're right - not for every photo! xxx

  6. I agree too :) It's so much fun, the the save qual and inability to remove things once they're done ... moans aside, I love it, and I love how Elsie and Emma can turn anything to gold. Good for them! x



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