Sunday, 12 May 2013

Creative Mess

This week I have been working on some lovely wedding invitations! They are in the final stages, which means lots of mess all over the place as I keep going with the production line. I've learnt a lot through making these, especially ways of cutting labour time by being as efficient as possible. It's all about "batching" tasks - this post has some really helpful info about it. 

There's something fascinating to me about projects in their messy unfinished stages and I am going to be celebrating that in this mini series. If you'd like to show some of your creative mess, go ahead and join the link-up below! It can be like a "what I'm working on now" party! Be sure to link back to this post so others can join in. 

Let's embrace the mess! 

x Rachel 


  1. aww I'd not read that article til just now and it's such a good idea!! I'm a nightmare for not just getting on with tasks and I spend far too much time procrastinating about the things I should be doing- definitely need to take a leaf out of your book at the moment!

    Hannah xx

  2. this is definitely a picture I'm familiar with! :) I always manage to make such huge messes, even when I try to be neat! I guess its part of the creative process! the starts of those invitations are adorable! I'm a bit of a sucker for ampersands!

  3. nothing makes me happier in a studio space than a big ol mess. it means something cool is happening haha.

    beautiful! I love anything done with that cardboard color. =)

  4. Oh I do love a pretty mess! I'm doing a theme in June of 'other people's houses' and if you would like to do a guest post about creative mess you would be very welcome :)

  5. Creative mess is the best kind of mess!

  6. Wow these turned out so fun and lovely! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at


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