Monday, 27 May 2013

DIY Flower Hair Band

Here's a fun little project for summer: a flowery hair accessory that you can make with scrap fabric in less than an hour... I have been wearing mine non-stop!

1// You will need: a plain hair band/alice band, felt, scrap fabrics, buttons, glue gun, needle and thread. 

2// Cut out a few layers of petal shapes. As you can see, mine are quite rough... I think when you layer them up it looks a bit more realistic if the petals are different shapes. 

3// Cut out some leaves out of green felt and position the different layers how you would like them. 

4// Sew the pieces together and then stitch on a button for the centre of the flower. 

5// Use hot glue to fix the flowers on to the hair band. I also added a couple of strips of felt to the back to give extra support. 

Hope you like this sweet little project. I'm thinking of making some little brooches in the same way... Felt flowers for everyone!

x Rachel 


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