Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New Wedding Invites

I'm really excited to share these with you today! I've been working on these pretty wedding invites over the last few weeks (the cause of all the creative mess!) and they are finally finished and in the post to the lovely bride :) 

It's a summer wedding in a barn, so the invites have a sweet whimsical feel and reflect their yellow and white theme... The backs of the pages are all stamped by hand! 

The above picture shows the front and back of the pages that are piled up and tied in a little parcel with yellow bakers twine. I hope the happy couple are as chuffed with them as I am! 

There are lots of busy shop-related plans happening around here at the moment... More on that later, but expect to see these invites and plenty more pretty things again very soon! 

x Rachel 


  1. These look fantastic! I love the small touches of yellow, and tying them up with string makes them instantly cuter! I hope the happy colour loves them also, i know i would be impressed if they were designed for me!


  2. These are lovely! Absolutely adorable xo

  3. Great work! They are perfect for a rustic wedding!

  4. very pretty! this is what i want when i get married :)

  5. absolutely beautiful! Love the cardboard and twine mixed with bright colors! Great job!

  6. oh wow they are so beautiful! Really good design :)

  7. this are so cute!!! I love the cardboard and the stampy look!

  8. I love these, perfect for a summer wedding! x

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