Sunday, 9 June 2013

Card Making Essentials

I spend a lot of my time making cards for people... I love giving people something that I've spent a bit of time over and that is completely personalised to them. Also it's really fun! Here's a few of my essential "ingredients" in my card making supplies: 

//Stamps - probably my most used design tools. I use these alphabet stamps and also these flowery initial stamps to create messages. I also have a growing collection of vintage style stamps (some of which I have used in my blog design - see the little bird?). 

//Ink Pads - I'm gradually building up a variety of colours, although I am yet to find a really good white ink... Maybe it's just not meant to be... Does anyone have any suggestions?

//Stickers - I have always loved stickers and you can get so many pretty ones now! Paperchase is my go-to sticker hoarding paradise. The google-y eyed ones are always a winner. 

//Pretty Papers - I have a kind of get out of jail free card when it comes to disciplining myself with paper purchases... If I see it, I usually buy it, my excuse being that I will always use it. It's kind of true, I do go through a lot of patterned paper! 

//Watercolours - sometimes, when I am feeling a bit more adventurous, I will illustrate and paint a card for somebody... This takes a lot more time but is very rewarding. 

That's all of my most used materials! Although I have been known to use all sorts of silly bits and bobs... Sweet wrappers, scrabble tiles - whatever is lying around really... 

What are your card making essentials?

x Rachel 


  1. Awe, these are cute!! I've have my own handmade card business on etsy. You're right, a stamp collection is the way to go! I love how you put some one your web design too. Love it!


  2. I just tend to use pretty papers then I look on pinterest for inspiration. What ink pad is that please? I've been meaning to get one for a while now! :)
    --Alice xx

  3. i LOVE the bunting on your cards!! Is that a sticker or do you make them??


    1. It's a sticker! They come in a set from paperchase :) xx

  4. I love making cards for people too, and I'm obsessed with rubber stamps and then embossing the images.

  5. Have you tried versamark's white ink pad, it comes dry/empty with a refill bottle and you put the ink on yourself...well you put the ink on the pad with your own hand..not actually put the ink on yourself...nothing like being able to explain

    1. Ooo that sounds great, I'll have a look at that! Thanks for the tip (and it did make sense hehe) xx


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