Sunday, 2 June 2013

Moorbi: Sustainable Living for All


I get quite a few emails from companies telling me about their products, but it's not very often that I feel compelled to share them on the blog. Moorbi is an exception to this! 

Moorbi is a vibrant marketplace for Sustainable Designers, Artists and Makers. Their approach is to find beautiful environmentally friendly alternatives for people with designer brains who care about sustainable living. Their designers are all about "transforming junk into affordable gems" which is something I can totally get on board with! 

The designs that Moorbi showcase are highly original conversation pieces which will make an impact on the home as well as the environment. My personal favourites are the brightly coloured stools and poufs that are made from discarded silk sarees! So beautiful! 

Sustainable design is something I feel really passionate about, and companies like this make me really happy :) .... What do you think? 

x Rachel 

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  1. They look great, but hefty price tag..!! Rosie x


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