Monday, 22 July 2013

Bear with me...

Art Print by Tracey Long (Chasing the Crayon on Etsy).

Things have been a bit quiet around here this week - I've been feeling a little snowed under, lots of design work + laryngitis do not play nicely together. I've decided to be kind to myself and push my shop launch to tomorrow instead of today along with the new blog design... The blog will be going offline for a few hours tonight so that I can sort through all the coding etc. without people stumbling across a weird jumbled mess! Bear with me, I'll be back soon with a better blog and a pretty shop to go with it :) 

Thanks for all the support so far, kind comments and tweets have been keeping me going as I wade through my to-do lists!

x Rachel 

ps. how sweet is this art print by Tracey Long of Chasing the Crayon? Check out her other work on Etsy it is wonderful. 

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