Monday, 26 August 2013

Craft Bloggers at Southbank Village Fair

from left: Kate, (me) and Anna

The Village Fair was so fun! On the craft bloggers stall we showed off some of our DIYs which each had a tag on them directing people to links for the full tutorials. It was a really interesting concept to use the format of a stall but sharing our methods for free instead of selling the finished product. The theme behind the event as a whole was a community coming together through shared passions. We really got into the spirit of this which left me with a sort of fuzzy-felty glow inside and a renewed sense of enthusiasm for crafting. 

Proud of our stall

Undoubtedly the best thing about the fair was getting to spend some time with some absolutely lovely bloggers. Davina from The Making Home, Anna from Crafting Fingers and Kate from Trends With Benefits were great company and it was so nice to chat to other bloggers in person for a change rather than having all virtual communication. I highly recommend that you go and have a peek at their blogs - I can't wait to give some of their tutorials a go! 

Learn how to make this here

There is always a lot of discussion around the subject of copying in the craft blogging community, which I think is totally valid as there is nothing worse than someone trying to make money by directly ripping off other artists' work. However I think through the fear of accidentally being labeled a copy-cat, we sometimes shy away from trying out other people's ideas - even tutorials that are by nature made to be tried out! This weekend has really taught me to appreciate the fun that can be had by sharing techniques and ideas with other artists and bloggers, and I am looking forward to implementing that more into this blog in the future. 

Did anyone make the fair this weekend, or try out any of the tutorials from the virtual stall? What did you think? 

x Rachel 


  1. such a cool concept! looked fun :) x

  2. Looks like so much fun! I wanted to get over there on Saturday, but the rain. Ugh. So much rain - walking to/from transport in that didn't seem like a great plan. We had plans Sunday. Oh, well. Your booth looked great!


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