Monday, 5 August 2013

DIY Pom Pom Cake Toppers

There is nothing like making something a little bit special just for the sake of it. These cake toppers are so easy and instantly make a simple cupcake into a party-worthy treat. I've seen this method for making pompoms a lot on Pinterest and I've been wanting to try it out for ages. It definitely beats cutting out those little cardboard circles! 

You will need: a fork, bakers twine (or wool), cocktail sticks, hot glue, scissors. 

1// Wrap the bakers twine around the prongs of the fork tightly and evenly until there are plenty of layers. 

2// Leave a couple of inches at the end of the twine and use it to tie the middle of the pompom between the prongs. This bit is a bit fiddly as you need to get it as tight as possible so that no strands escape.

3// Slide the strands off the fork and snip the loops on both sides, fluff the strands out to get the pompom into a round shape. 

4// Use hot glue to secure the pompom on to a cocktail stick. 

5// Now you need some cupcakes to decorate! 

I love how these little mini pompoms look bunched together on one cake. They remind me of sparklers! I want to try making some in lots of different colours... 

If you like the look of these cupcakes, the recipe is from the Hairy Bikers "Hairy Dieters" cook book (my favourite cook book of all time!) You can also find it online here. This time I substituted blueberries for raspberries, but they are lovely with blueberries too. 

Now I'm off to eat that cake - a blog post bonus :) 

x Rachel 

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