Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Lately on Instagram

I haven't shared any instagram pictures for ages, mostly because it's got to the inevitable time of year when I forget to take pictures of life as I am living it - one day I will stick with the habit! But here is a little snippet of what I've been up to (from top left)...

>>> I baked cakes.
>>> PPT is number 11 on Bloglovin's up and coming design blogs. 
>>> Lovely morning light. 
>>> Lots of shop making fun. 
>>> I went on a Greenwich adventure with my parents. 
>>> Yummy breakfast. 
>>> I worked on a great little show that toured parks across London. 
>>> One of my favourite albums. 
>>> My poor bath got a battering with lots of dye and ink. 
>>> Watching Andy Murray living the dream. 
>>> Sunny meetings. 
>>> Costume sourcing adventures to far flung places. 

Are you on Instagram? Leave your names below - you can find me at @rachelemmagood

x Rachel


  1. that breakfast looks amazingly delish!

  2. those cupcakes look delicious!!!! And the ink in the tub picture is really neat looking, I hope your tub survived it!

  3. so fun! and congrats on the bloglovin status, that's awesome! i'm adding you to instagram right now because these pics are absolutely precious!

  4. love posts like this! now following you on instagram :) I love being a little nosey and seeing what other people get up to in their lives.
    I'm @bethwaldron :)



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